Visual Composition for Photographers and Artists

. . . a two part program presented by André Cabuche, AFIAP

Mark your calendars to ensure that you attend the November 3, 2015 COPS meeting at the EECO Center.

This presentation is designed for serious students of fine art and photography who want to create original photographic compositions rather than ‘clones’ of others. The aim is to help you to develop and enrich your own unique way of seeing and creating images.

Unlike ‘dogmatic approaches’ to composition, this program utilizes logic, theory and visual demonstrations as well as a wide array of photographic images to explain how the selection and arrangement of visual elements along with the use of sound principles of composition, will bring about desired effects in the viewer’s mind.

Part A. Introduction to Composition (1 hour)

This session will explore the various aspects of the theory of visual composition. The following topics will be included: What is Art?; What is Composition?; Balance and Stress; Attraction and Grouping; Positive Negative and Harmony; Variation and Harmony; and finally, the Basic Visual Elements.

Part B. Applying the Principles of Composition (1 hour)

While viewing a variety of fine art photographs, participants will be led through a discussion on the principles, methods and techniques of visual composition. The topics in this session include: Contrast and Composition; Visual Forming and Unity; the Principles of Composition; and, Which Principles and Techniques were used.