October 2nd – Chris Harris Presentation

Chris Harris, along with his partner Rita Giesbrecht, will present a spectacular audio-visual presentation titled: Cariboo Chilcotin: A Story of Resiliency and Beauty.

The show is based on Chris’ most recent books and the just released Blu Ray Disk™ documentary which includes two feature documentaries; The Wildfire Summer of 2017: A Photographer’s Journey and The Chilcotin Ark.

‘Last year’s wildfires changed but did not destroy the regions natural beauty. We will explore wildfire as part of the life-cycle of the land, and as forces of regeneration and resilience. By exploring photography as an art form, I will share how I transformed my evacuation experience into art. Based on our most recent books, we will also explore the natural beauty of the grasslands, volcanoes, and Coast Mountains as part of the Chilcotin Ark story; a story of international significance. We invite you to share and understand these powerful phenomena for yourselves. By embracing natural cycles, we inform our lives and our very nature; we embrace our Sense of Place, and we invite the world to do the same.’

Chris Harris is one of Canada’s most renown wilderness and narrative photographers; and successful independent publishers. For over 40 years he has dedicated his talent and work to the Cariboo Chilcotin region of central British Columbia; the only photographer and chronicler to have extensively explored this region and presented it to the world. His work, in pioneering wilderness tourism as an operator; photographing and publishing 13 books that illustrate, educate, and inspire; presenting illustrated lectures and touring with his publications to audiences in BC and much further afield; providing the tourism industry with countless spectacular images and stories; operating a destination gallery of his work; has contributed to the economic and cultural well-being of the Cariboo Chilcotin since 1982. Most recently, Chris Harris continues to produce innovative and engaging documentary productions on video for online release, as part of Harris & Marshall Media; and to tour widely on behalf of the region in partnership with the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Assoc. as an ambassador for the visitor economy. Chris Harris has been recognized and awarded nationally and internationally for his work and maintains a vigorous and creative schedule of innovating in photographic art, teaching, and touring. He dedicates his photography to bringing awareness and reverence to the value of nature, biodiversity, and the beauty of his home region of British Columbia.