November 20 – Africa Tour Presentation & Review Night

Darrin Clark will give a presentation on SABLE photography tours of Africa. SABLE is part of Mercy Mandate Foundation, a non-profit through which they are building an adoption village in Zimbabwe. SABLE simply provides the funds for this project, by leading photography safaris to Southern Africa.

Darrin will present the history of the humanitarian work and how they got involved in the photography world, what their photography trips entail, and finally, what they have to offer prospective clients for 2019. Built into that are some of the valuable photography lessons which they have learned along the way.

Following that and if we have time, we will review some images from last week’s image evaluation and learn how to improve our photos pre and post processing. If you wish to review your image(s), it may be helpful to know what camera settings you used, what you were trying to achieve and what in camera or post processing you performed. Maybe your photo is great and doesn’t need improvement! Help the rest of us by sharing some tips and basking in admiration of your fellow photographers.