Basic Camera Operation: If you are new to photography, or just getting into digital cameras for the first time, this article by Greg Dean is ESSENTIAL READING.

Resizing Images for Monitor or TV: Do you need to resize your image to predetermined pixel dimensions? Read on….

Converting Colour Images to Black and White: There are many ways to convert colour images to black and white. One way is using Hue/Saturation. Give it a try.

The Crop Tool: To recompose, straighten, correct perspective, or add more canvas to your image, check out The Crop Tool in your digital editing program.

Sharpening Images: Here are some suggested settings for sharpening your images using the “Unsharp Mask” filter in your digital editing program.

Photographic Rule Breaking: Do you feel like expanding your photographic “comfort zone” and shooting “outside the box”? Check this out.

Guidelines for Judges: Did you ever wonder what image evaluation is all about? Read these guidelines for the fundamentals.

Astrophotography Guidelines: If you want to get the best results when shooting the stars, follow these guidelines compiled by Greg Dean.

People Pictures and Garden Photography: Please click on these links for helpful notes on these two topics by Greg Dean.  

Lightroom Develop Module: A summary of a presentation by Bill Locke.

Exposure Triangle: A diagram outlining the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO from a presentation by Marty Marchyshyn.

Creating a Slideshow in Lightroom: An outline of how to create a simple slideshow in Lightroom by Joan Dolson.

Enhanced Slideshow in Lightroom: An outline of how to create an enhanced slideshow in Lightroom by Joan Dolson. Here is the resulting enhanced slideshow video and the same slideshow exported as pdf.

Copyright and Photography:  An overview of copyright rules as it relates to photography presented by Gary W. Cable, Q.C.

Portraiture: An overview of portraiture by Carly Slater focussing on framing, headroom and leading room, angles, groups, lens choice and equipment tips and tricks.

Portrait Lighting Guide: Studio lighting setups for different portrait effects.