First Evaluation of 2016

The deadline for January submissions is January 5th.

The “Theme” category topic for the first evaluation is “Motion in a Still Image”. This is a CAPA theme and some images will be submitted to CAPA for the club completion. Here is  the description of this theme given by our Associations Coordinator:

Create a photograph that illustrates motion, The photograph must give the impression that motion is occurring or about to occur be it frozen or happening. Like a Skate boarder suspended in the air, a rodeo rider with his legs blurred but nothing else while riding a bull or bronco, windmills with their blades blurred while spinning, a golfer at the end of his backswing, pan shot of a bird in flight or just zooming in or out while taking a photograph at a long shutter speed.

The rules of Minimal Manipulation competition apply, no filters, no presets, with the exception of Sharpen. For this competition, you are be allowed to use Motion Blur and Circular Blur as well as masked layers of the same photograph where you have applied theses two blurs, liquefy is allowed as a support to the blur if needed. Example: you want to apply a motion blur to the background but not the subject, you can create a layer, apply the motion blur and then mask out the blurred subject or vice versa.

The criteria for all other  categories (creative, nature, portrait) remain the same as usual. Only the “Theme” category has special requirements as outlined above.

Note that starting in January, 2016 we are asking members to submit ONLY ONE image per email. See the Revised Submission Procedure post for further details.