February 17 – Guest Speaker – André Cabuche

Don’t miss André Cabuche’s presentation on portrait photography at the February 17th meeting.

Andre will be offering a hand out of the presentation for $1.00 each.


This 1.5-hour digital slide program showcases the work of André Cabuche, internationally recognized professional portrait photographer and master retouching artist. The images in this program were created during André’s popular workshops, many from his SWMCCC workshop sessions in Michigan during the past 6 years.

The program will cover many aspects of composing ‘classic’ portraits and glamour photographs. The main topics of the program are:

  • What is the ideal lens, f-stop and camera position for the most effective images.
  • Composing the images? What format is best? Which cropping is best: full-length, 3/4 length, head & shoulders, or close-up? Identifying and eliminating distracting, unwanted compositional flaws.
  •  Posture and body language? understanding the effects of positioning the head, neck, shoulders, torso, legs, feet, arms, hands and wrists.
  • Working with male, female and child subjects to capture successful images.
  • Composing the human subject ?Understanding the pros and cons of the standing, sitting, kneeling and reclining postures.