Dec 29 Get Out and Shoot

Message from Chris Geistlinger

With no club meeting for the 2 weeks around Christmas, there is no reason to not get together and take some shots! With no Rotary Club lights this year, I thought that we could go shoot the Lights of Christmas Paws, which is set up down in Waterfront Park (The Dolphins). I have contacted the group that has set up the display, and they will waive the entrance fee for our group. It is a fundraiser for the Rock Creek fire victims though, so I would recommend a donation anyway. In addition to the light displays, there are a pair of entertainers from the group Kinshira walking around the grounds in costume and lights.

Things to bring:
Tripod, as the displays are static, and it is very dark, so long shutter speeds will be in effect.
Perhaps some auxiliary lighting to light up the surrounding areas as well, or to light paint (flash, flashlight, etc.).
Bundle up! This is right next to the lake, and if there is a breeze coming off of the water, is is NOT warm.
Last year, a group of us did some steel wool fire spinning out on the marina dock as well. If you have any other ideas for shooting, bring those too!

Meet at the entrance to the display in Waterfront Park (just over the bridge past the dophins) @ 6:00 p.m., Dec 29. Please let me know if you plan to attend, so I have an idea of how many will be coming out, either through facebook, or at See you out there!

As a short notice addition, I just learned that there will be an 8pc brass band, from Manitoba I believe, playing on the stage on Monday the 21st if anyone is interested in shooting that as well. I will probably be out there then too.