2019 -2020 Executive and Volunteers

Executive positions in the table below have no preceding dashes. Positions starting with 3 dashes indicate non-executive volunteer positions which report to the executive position above.

PresidentMarshall MoleschiDuties of the President
Past PresidentBarb CharltonDuties of the Past President
Vice PresidentFrank MilletoDuties of the Vice President
--- MembershipRosemary KeanDuties of the Membership Coordinator
--- SocialVacant
Stephanie Dea will share
Duties of the Social Coordinator
TreasurerDiane MarplesDuties of the Treasurer
SecretaryAmanda Jane TurnerDuties of the Secretary
Communications DirectorRosemary KeanDuties of the Communications Director
--- FacebookRosemary Kean, Carly SlaterDuties of the Facebook Coordinator
--- Internal ComminicationsKelly Pape, Rosemary KeanDuties of the Internal Communication Coordinator
--- WebJoan DolsonDuties of the Web Communication Coordinator
Program DirectorVacantDuties of the Program Director
--- SpeakersVacantDuties of the Speaker Coordinator
--- WorkshopsVacantDuties of the Workshops Coordinator
--- Field Trips Carly Slater, Jenn JonesDuties of the Field Trip Coordinator
Evaluation DirectorLou PalmerDuties of the Evaluations Director
--- PrintsStephanie Dea, Amanada Jane TurnerDuties of the Print Images Coordinator
--- Digital ImagesVacant
Lou Palmer will assist.
Duties of the Digital Images Coordinator
--- ScoringSuzanne Philips, Sandi StangDuties of the Scorers
--- AssociationsCheryl BrambleDuties of the Associations Coordinator
--- Gallery DisplayVacant
Amanada Jane Turner will head team to investigate possibilities. Frank Milleto to assist.
Duties of the Gallery Display Coordinator