October 26 – Field Trip – Gatzke Orchards

Photograph Fall Colours – Led by Carly Slater

Exclusive access for our group to wander around the grounds, orchards, and outbuildings of this local gem! Be prepared to experience about a billion opportunities for photographic capture.

Note – Both members and non-members (or soon to be new club members as I like to think of you) are welcome to attend. Please feel free to share this event, spread the word, and bring a photo buddy along. 🙂

Colour is really starting to change in the orchards, so this should be a wonderful opportunity to capture it in it’s glory.

Please note to dress for the weather, we will only cancel/postpone the event if the weather is really wet and ugly. This includes bringing whatever you need to ensure your equipment stays safe and dry as well as your person.

There will be opportunities to capture everything from landscapes, macros, to still life and maybe even some animals on this tour. There are chickens on site last time I looked, and loads of old farm tractors, farming implements, and neat old rustic buildings, structures, vines and lots of fruit trees. This orchard is also just above the isthmus between Wood and Kal lake, so if you want to capture anything on the lake you are only steps away.

Depending on what you want to capture, I would suggest to bring: (if you have these items available to you): camera, tripod, a range of lenses to capture different focal lengths of subject matter, any filters you may want to bring like a polarizer to enhance colours, and as always a good attitude!

I believe we will have a washroom facility accessible to us, but please note the market is closed for the season.

All Mr. Gatzke has requested in return for our access is that we share any awesome images we capture with him. If you snag a really good one, and don’t mind sharing it, please email him at alan.gatzke@gmail.com

Google Map: https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Gatzke+Orchard/@50.1117982,-119.3898506,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x537de646f562e6eb:0x855bacb65e9b08f5!8m2!3d50.1117948!4d-119.3876619

Road Trip to Tranquille in Kamloops

Barb and Jen have arranged a photography  road trip to Tranquille in Kamloops on the 17th of October. It is a very interesting place and there will be excellent photo opportunities for all. This day is also their Harvest Festival so there will be a lot going on and we will get our own private tour of the tunnels. We will car pool from Kelowna. It takes just over 2 hours to drive there going through Vernon or going through Merritt. I have added a couple of websites for info. PLease contact Barb Charlton if you have not already and your interested in attending. You can contact Barbara Charlton on Facebook, post a message on the Tranquille trip entry on the COPS Facebook news feed, speak to Barb at the next meeting or phone at 778 215 6845.

Photo Road Trip

On April 18th Jennifer Jones and Barb Charlton are planning Photography Road trip Treasure hunt. The adventure will be starting at 9 am in Kelowna at the ECCO Center 2363 Springfield road.

We will head South down Hwy 33 to Rock Creek, then West on Hwy 3 to Osoyoos, North on Hwy 97 back to Kelowna.

There will be many fun stops for Photography along the way plus some fun things to do and look for. See some new places you have never seen and take some amazing photos! This is open to everyone, team up with some photography friends or bring the family. We would suggest 3 – 4 people per team. It will be a fairly long day. But lots of fun!

Each team will receive a list of stops and things to look for and do along the way when we meet in the morning of the 18th.

We will stop for a picnic lunch around noon so bring a basket of goodies or there are yummy Subs/Kaisers at the Rock Creek store, but sometimes a line up. Also if you like throw in a lawn chair for each of you. The usual hats, water. Don’t forget your CAMERA!!

Please email BarbCharlton@shaw.ca if you are planning to attend so we can have an idea of how many people will be coming. The more the merrier! Let the FUN BEGIN!!!