Website Update

Our website has been updated to a new theme template. On a PC or a Mac it looks pretty much the same except the menu is above the banner picture rather than below it. The new theme has a proper mobile version, which the old theme did not.

So if you have some free time while you are “social distancing”, check out the updated website on all your devices.

Website Update for New Season

With the 2018 – 2019 season about to start on September 11th, the website has been updated:
  • Calendar has been filled in until Christmas with the proposed schedule.
  • Submission documents have been updated with the new evaluation dates and themes.
  • Submission documents have been updated with the new mat size for prints – 24 X 18 inches.
  • The new executive names have been added to the Info -> Executive page.
  • The contact list has been updated.
  • A set of new banners has been added for the tops of pages, selected from last year’s overall winners, runners up and honorable mentions. The banner shown will be selected randomly every time you return to the site, change to another menu item, or refresh the page.
Check the website often to see new information added to the calendar, to check announcements.

Image Submissions Document Updates

The Image Submissions Cheat Sheet from the Facebook Members page has been updated and posted on the website Submissions menu. Please be sure to check out the update.

The other documents on the Submissions menu have been updated since September to correct errors and omissions. If you printed or looked at them previously, you should check these documents again to be sure you are familiar with the latest procedures.

Calendar and Event List Problems

We are having issues with the plug-in which presents the calendar and events list on our web page. Most recently, the GOaS event on Dec 29 was showing on 3 days. Since the time and location of the event has not been firmed up yet, it was configured as an “all day” event and this caused the problem. As a work around for the problem, a time of 9:30-10 PM has been entered. This is not the real time. The event will be updated on the¬†calendar as soon as the time and location is known.

We apologize for the inconvenience!