March 3 – Landscape Photography by Landon Hemmes

Landon Hemmes will present Landscape Photography. See for more information about Landon.

Reminder – Submission Deadline

  • Bring your print submissions to the meeting.     
  • Email your digital copies of your prints and your digital image submissions by midnight.

COPS Monthly Challenge: Less is More

Upcoming CAPA Challenge

September 25 – Know Your Camera/CAPA

Bring your camera(s) and manual(s) for the hands-on practice session on getting to know your camera. There is always something new to learn as you compare notes with your fellow photographers who carry the same brand of camera. We will also have a presentation about getting to know CAPA (Canadian Association of Photographic Art). Our club is a member and we submit images for CAPA competitions. CAPA is the organization that will provide training for the upcoming judging course. (Note: Be sure to get the coupon code from Marty before signing up for the Kelowna judging course. Our club MEMBERS get a price reduction. Whohoo!)

First Evaluation of 2016

The deadline for January submissions is January 5th.

The “Theme” category topic for the first evaluation is “Motion in a Still Image”. This is a CAPA theme and some images will be submitted to CAPA for the club completion. Here is  the description of this theme given by our Associations Coordinator:

Create a photograph that illustrates motion, The photograph must give the impression that motion is occurring or about to occur be it frozen or happening. Like a Skate boarder suspended in the air, a rodeo rider with his legs blurred but nothing else while riding a bull or bronco, windmills with their blades blurred while spinning, a golfer at the end of his backswing, pan shot of a bird in flight or just zooming in or out while taking a photograph at a long shutter speed.

The rules of Minimal Manipulation competition apply, no filters, no presets, with the exception of Sharpen. For this competition, you are be allowed to use Motion Blur and Circular Blur as well as masked layers of the same photograph where you have applied theses two blurs, liquefy is allowed as a support to the blur if needed. Example: you want to apply a motion blur to the background but not the subject, you can create a layer, apply the motion blur and then mask out the blurred subject or vice versa.

The criteria for all other  categories (creative, nature, portrait) remain the same as usual. Only the “Theme” category has special requirements as outlined above.

Note that starting in January, 2016 we are asking members to submit ONLY ONE image per email. See the Revised Submission Procedure post for further details.

Judging Course

Are you interested in learning how to evaluate and score photographic images or becoming a trained Judge? CAPA is offering a judging course in Surrey on September 19, 2015 for a cost of $135 for CAPA or COPS members and $175 for non-members. For details see CAPA Judging Course

CAPA Annual Digital Competition Deadline – September 30

CAPA Individual and Family members in good standing ONLY, who are permanent Canadian residents, at the close of the competition! All submissions will be automatically validated against our Membership database.
All entries must be submitted electronically no later than Midnight (Pacific Standard Time – GMT-8:00) September 30th, 2014, using our online digital submission system, on the CAPA Website. The submission system makes it possible for participants to submit as often as they wish, replacing their previous entries until the final deadline of the competition.
This year’s topic is: Misty Water. There is no general or open category. Each participant can submit a total of two (2) digital slide entries, both on topic. A digital slide is a photograph produced using any of the following: a digital camera; a scanned film slide or negative; or a scanned print. Entries can be enhanced, edited and/or manipulated in Adobe Photoshop or other similar software. Digital illustrations must have originated from a photograph, as proof may be requested.

For further details see