CAPA Annual Digital Competition Deadline – September 30

CAPA Individual and Family members in good standing ONLY, who are permanent Canadian residents, at the close of the competition! All submissions will be automatically validated against our Membership database.
All entries must be submitted electronically no later than Midnight (Pacific Standard Time – GMT-8:00) September 30th, 2014, using our online digital submission system, on the CAPA Website. The submission system makes it possible for participants to submit as often as they wish, replacing their previous entries until the final deadline of the competition.
This year’s topic is: Misty Water. There is no general or open category. Each participant can submit a total of two (2) digital slide entries, both on topic. A digital slide is a photograph produced using any of the following: a digital camera; a scanned film slide or negative; or a scanned print. Entries can be enhanced, edited and/or manipulated in Adobe Photoshop or other similar software. Digital illustrations must have originated from a photograph, as proof may be requested.

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