Photo Submissions

You must be a paid up member of COPS in good standing before you can make photo submissions for evaluation.

Digital images and digital copies of prints to be shown on Evaluation Night must be emailed to by midnight of the deadline date indicated in the table below.

A maximum of 2 digital images and 2 prints are allowed to be submitted per COPS member on each Evaluation Night.

There are file naming and sizing requirements which are outlined in the Evaluation Rules and Procedures. You should review the procedures to ensure that you have selected the correct category and skill level and that your file or print does not exceed the maximum size. (A short description of category, skill levels, sizing and file naming are also shown under the Reference header at the bottom of this page).

Evaluation DateThemeDeadline
08-NovLow Angle01-Nov
13-DecPainting with light06-Dec
07-FebHigh Contrast31-Jan
11-AprStands Alone04-Apr
09-MayNo Theme-Final Judging

Preparing Your Prints

Do the following for each print to be submitted (maximum of 2).

1) Print the Print Submission Form and the Print-Label.

2) Prepare your print and attach the Print Submission Form to the back of the print as described in the Using Print Submission Form document.

NOTE: The Print Submission Form will be removed and given to the judging panel, so ensure you complete the next step.

3) Fill out and attach a Print-Label in the top right hand corner of the back of the print as described in the Using Print Submission Form document.

ATTENTION! Make sure that the arrow points to the top of your print so that it is presented correctly.

4) Bring your print to the meeting the night of the submission deadline. (The meeting the week BEFORE the evaluation night).

5) Email a digital copy of your image as described below.

Emailing Your Image

Please follow the steps below for the images you want to submit, including prints.   If you are submitting both digital and print images,  you will need to send separate emails for prints and separate emails for digital images with a maximum of 2 images attached to each  email.

The filenames for the files sent should be in the following format:

<category><level>,Submitter’s name,title.jpg

1) Size and save your file with a filename in the format shown above. See the Reference section below for size limitations.

Caution! Some photo editors allow you to output your file to an email. However, the program may downsize the file for sending as an email and the downsized file may not show well on the projector screen. To be safe, it is best to save the file to your computer`s hard drive, where you can double check the dimensions and then attach it to an email.

For Print Images! Please ensure that the category and title portions of the filename match the information you give on the Print Submission Form and the Print-Label. (See steps 2 and 3 in the “Preparing Your Print” section). Otherwise your digital image may not be matched to the evaluated print and will not be posted on the COPS website.

3) Create an email to send to

4) In the subject field, write  “Image Submission from” and your name.

5) Attach the images you would like to submit.


You can submit a maximum of 2 digital images and a maximum of 2 print images, so there should be no more than 2 images attached to each email.

If you are new to image submission or are unsure if your images are correct, you should submit only one image per email. This will allow the Evaluations Director to ask for a resubmission of an incorrect image and avoid duplicate or missing submissions that may occur due to our automated processing of submitted images.

6) In the BODY of the message,  indicate if this is a DIGITAL or PRINT submission. There is no need to be wordy. The email is not normally read by a human.

7) Check that your image is attached and send the email.


Categories for Evaluations
MMonthly challengeSee the table below for Monthly Challenge Themes for the
Current year.
Shape & Pattern
Altered Reality
Filters Gone Wild
DDocumentryNews & Events
Sports & Action
Social Investigation
NNatureLandscapes & Geology
Close-Up, Macro, Micro
Natural Phenomena
SStill lifeArrangements
Set ups
OOpenIf it just won't fit anywhere else …
Levels for Evaluations

Digital Submission Size

Horizontal Maximum – 1400 pixels

Vertical Maximum – 1050 pixels

NOTE: Digital images may not exceed either the horizontal or the vertical dimension limits. If an image is in landscape format (wider than it is tall), it still may not exceed 1050 pixels in the vertical dimension. For example, an image size of 1400 X 1073 pixels is NOT acceptable, whereas the same image sized to 1370 X 1050 pixels IS acceptable.

File Name

<category><level>,Submitter’s name,title.jpg

Example: TB,John Smith,Wheat Field.jpg

Please note that there can be a space in the submitter’s name and in the title. Also you must use commas in the demarcation, as the files will be sorted automatically using the commas as delimiters. Any deviation from this format will cause errors and possible disqualification.