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Annual Awards Night

It is time again for our Annual Awards Night, May 28 2016. The evening will consist of awards, door prizes, food (pot luck) and slide shows. Bring a food dish (and a warming tray for any hot dish), dishes and cutlery. Optionally, short slide shows and door prize donations would be appreciated.

Tickets will be available for purchase @ $5.00 per person. (Spouses/partners are welcome to purchase a ticket as well). They are available from Bill Locke at club meetings or at the door the night of the event. If you plan on paying at the door, please RSVP to Caroline at so we can know the numbers to expect.

The location for Awards Night is the First Lutheran Church at 4091 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna. It is located east of the lakeshore bridge. Watch for a fire lane on your right just before Lakeshore Rd. This lane is the easiest access to the back door of the church with lots of parking. If you miss the turn, then turn right onto Lakeshore and then another right hand turn into the front of the church area and then proceed around to the back of the church for parking.

Our evening will consist in addition to the awards, door prizes, food and slide shows.

If you have an article you wish to donate for a door prize please contact Suzanne Williams.

The time is from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. It would be appreciated if volunteers could help out setting up tables and chairs as close to 7:00 as possible. The tables are round and will seat 6 to 8 people depending upon our turnout. You will need to bring a warming tray if you are bringing a hot dish. Although paper plates will be available it is recommended that you bring your own plates along with your cutlery.

If you have any questions or can assist that evening, please contact Caroline, Bill, Joan or Frank.

Thank you and look forward to seeing everyone there

Photography Gear Swap

Exciting news! On Tuesday, April 5th COPS will be hosting a #photography gear swap at the #Kelowna ECCO Centre at Mission Creek Park, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Dust off whatever you have that you’re not using and bring it! Everyone sets their own prices and makes their own deals. Cameras, bags, lenses, tripods, light stands, lights, triggers, backdrops, modifiers, books, filters,…anything photography-related.
You do not need to be a member to participate!

First Evaluation of 2016

The deadline for January submissions is January 5th.

The “Theme” category topic for the first evaluation is “Motion in a Still Image”. This is a CAPA theme and some images will be submitted to CAPA for the club completion. Here is  the description of this theme given by our Associations Coordinator:

Create a photograph that illustrates motion, The photograph must give the impression that motion is occurring or about to occur be it frozen or happening. Like a Skate boarder suspended in the air, a rodeo rider with his legs blurred but nothing else while riding a bull or bronco, windmills with their blades blurred while spinning, a golfer at the end of his backswing, pan shot of a bird in flight or just zooming in or out while taking a photograph at a long shutter speed.

The rules of Minimal Manipulation competition apply, no filters, no presets, with the exception of Sharpen. For this competition, you are be allowed to use Motion Blur and Circular Blur as well as masked layers of the same photograph where you have applied theses two blurs, liquefy is allowed as a support to the blur if needed. Example: you want to apply a motion blur to the background but not the subject, you can create a layer, apply the motion blur and then mask out the blurred subject or vice versa.

The criteria for all other  categories (creative, nature, portrait) remain the same as usual. Only the “Theme” category has special requirements as outlined above.

Note that starting in January, 2016 we are asking members to submit ONLY ONE image per email. See the Revised Submission Procedure post for further details.